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Its been awhile since I wrote a long journal about my life, I'm going to forget to include a lot of things in this journal.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes :heart: I got to celebrate my birthday early with a few friends at BronyCon. On Sunday, after the con was over, I had a tea party and played "Cards Against Humanity" in a friend's hotel suite.

BronyCon was lots of fun! I was lucky enough to have friends who were willing to help me get to BronyCon and I'm so thankful. Without them, I would have never been able to go. This is the most fun I ever had at an MLP convention. This year, I wasn't working on staff or vending in the artist alley so I was free to do whatever I wanted and it was such a nice feeling. I was able to briefly meet with internet friends, go to panels, see the charity auction, take photos of wonderful cosplayers and take photos with people as well. I didn't have much money with me so I couldn't buy anything in the vendor's hall, although it was nice to see all the things the artists and vendors had. In short moments throughout the weekend, I got to hang out at SilverSlinger's table and look at all the shiny things *w* I wish I got to spend more time there X)

I wanted to do more at the con but I constantly dragged away to get food, meet people, and do cosplay photoshoots (those photoshoots take up more time than I thought). Regardless, I got to do more than I normally would at a MLP con. I would so love to do this again. It was nice seeing everyone and I'm sorry I can't list people in this journal, there's so so many of you XD I love you all :heart:

During this con, I was cosplaying summertime Octavia in a grey bikini, "normal" Octavia with a purple button up, grey vest and black skirt, and Coco Pommel. When I get the chance, I will post photos of these cosplays. I'm waiting on people to send me photos from my photoshoots and I'm looking online for photos people took of me. I haven't been able to find photos of me in my cosplay; lots of people took photos but I haven't found any. If I can't find the photos or if no one send me any, I'll dress up in my cosplays again and take new photos :) If you manage to see any photos of my cosplay (or you think it's me), send me a link please!

How was everyone else's BronyCon experience?

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OH HEY! I was the EQ Rarity from Sunday when we got dragged off for photos by that photographer. Hiiiii :D
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Thank you for the fave on my tutorial :)
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